Lifeless in Shame (in___my___eyes) wrote in montypython101,
Lifeless in Shame

Hi, um... I just joined and I don't really know if there's anything I'm supposed to say. But, to be safe, I'll just ramble on about the Pythons.

I first heard about Python from my friends, they'd all seen Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Two of my friends (twins), their mom really liked Python and we had this sort-of school acting group, and we watched an episode of Flying Circus just for, er... I don't remember. So, lots of things in between there. I am almost obsessed with Monty Python. I bought the 14 dvd Flying Circus box set all on my own (some gift certificates), which is pretty good because I don't have a job and I got all the dvd's at once.

I have a random keychain, the glorious foot with a bobby (British police officer, I think that's the name) coming out where the leg would be. You can press the toenails and it says phrases. Sadly, all John Cleese and Graham Chapman ones, where they insult people. There's one of Eric Idle, also insulting someone. I was just disappointed that it was mostly John and Graham.

I was reading The Pythons Autobiography By The Pythons, but I haven't read it in awhile. Blah blah blah... I can't wait for Spamalot!

Almost everyday I laugh at something because it reminds me of Python or Python had something to do with it, but sadly, no one else would get it. No one I know knows anything Python but Holy Grail, sometimes Life of Brian or Meaning of Life, and very rarely Flying Circus. The only person I know who I can share my Python knowledge with is my dad, because he likes them, but not as much as me.

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I understand you perfectly. When I started watching Monty Python's films and graudually became obsessed with them, i was alone in it and nobody would understand the jokes and every laugh had a bitter taste. But then I gathered my friends together one night and we watched 'and now for something completely different' and 'the meaning of life'; now we quote them all the time and we sing the Lumberjack song a lot. And they lived happily ever after...I also tried to make them see 'How to irritate people' and some episodes of The Flying Circus, but they don't understand english (they liked the spanish inquisition a lot though).
My dad was a Python fan too.
'night - over here is midnight


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Well, I love them all! Ones that come to mind: Michael Ellis, Mrs. Zambesi gets a new brain, Minister of overseas development "ooh he's got a tubby tum tum", etc, etc.

But also, there are over-played ones. They're all on the "best of" VHSs and DVDs. Parrot Sketch, Silly Walks, Lumberjack Song, etc. I don't not like them, they are just getting tedious. Also, the man who wants to be a lion tamer, but is really talking about aardvarks sketch, ...

I don't remember all the proper names.

I've given up trying to sway people to like them because they just don't get it!