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English Pig Dogs

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10th August 2006

edanas_flame10:47pm: Oh my goodness! I started this journal and I haven't posted in probably over a year...or two! I'm amazed that anything still goes on in here! I'm so happy! Anyway...I'm not a very good group starter, am I? Well it looks like things are running fine, so yeah.

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12th April 2006

stringheart11:44am: 'And Now For Something Completely Digital...' QUIZ NIGHT! Alan Parker and Mick O'Shea have written an outstanding guide - essential to all Monty Python fans. The book follows the success of Python from their roots in Oxbridge, medicine and political science, through their groundbreaking comedy debuts, the Flying Circus, chart singles, and many adored films. It offers an insight into the characters behind Monty, and a plethora of trivia facts and wise words from Cleese, Palin, Idle, Gilliam and Jones.

Win great prizes and have your book signed by Alan and Mick at the MONTY PYTHON QUIZ NIGHT at Borders Islington this Thursday.

What: Monty Python QUIZ NIGHT!
Where: Borders Islington
When: 7pm, 13th April (Thursday)

Bring a friend, bring four! Just make sure you turn up. Other events will be held at Borders stores accross London including Charing Cross. Ask instore for details.

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1st September 2005

The BOX was Received...
А New product for Sellers...Collapse )
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6th August 2005

earthfire548:37pm: hello
This is great. i would not have come up with this. Oh what fun!!

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14th June 2005

in___my___eyes5:37pm: ...

Yeah, so I'm doing a presentation on Monty Python and I need to say 10 different things about it/them.

It's probably the only presentation I'll ever get to do and it's been one thing I've always wanted to do but not exactly the kind of presentation I wanted to do.

Anyways, I'm not sure what to write. It's due this Friday [June 17/2005]. I'm not lazy, I can think of these things on my own, but, well, comma, it's Monty Python and I have to present it to people who don't know anything about Monty Python and it's in French so people need to be able to understand this.

Most people don't even understand Monty Python in English!

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9th June 2005

reader20022:49pm: Spamalot won 3 awards (so I was told, I didn't watch the show)!!! Has anyone seen it or at least heard the CD? My daddy got the soundtrack for me and it's practically all I listen to nowadays. I love it! I love all the little Monty Python things throughout it. Like the Fisch Schlapping song, and the off to war bit "I don't know but it's been said! We're off to war we're not yet dead! Become a knight and you'll go far! In suspenders and a bra!". I hope soon they'll make a movie of it for us poor saps who can't get tickets to the show! I'd do almost ANYTHING for tickets to see it!
I was listening to it while doing the dishes today and, of course, dancing like an idiot and my mom came in and I got all embarassed. "Er, how much dancing did you see me doing?" "Not much. Don't worry." Haha...
Anyway, that's enough rambling for now. I just wanted to say that about Spamalot... it makes me so happy... and it just makes me want to... SING!!!!! *no, stop that! stop that singing!* Ohh.... *sniffle*
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18th April 2005

in___my___eyes8:59pm: When is Spamalot? I really want to see it!

I think I heard it was already out though... damn.

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25th March 2005

in___my___eyes4:51pm: Hi, um... I just joined and I don't really know if there's anything I'm supposed to say. But, to be safe, I'll just ramble on about the Pythons.

I first heard about Python from my friends, they'd all seen Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Two of my friends (twins), their mom really liked Python and we had this sort-of school acting group, and we watched an episode of Flying Circus just for, er... I don't remember. So, lots of things in between there. I am almost obsessed with Monty Python. I bought the 14 dvd Flying Circus box set all on my own (some gift certificates), which is pretty good because I don't have a job and I got all the dvd's at once.

I have a random keychain, the glorious foot with a bobby (British police officer, I think that's the name) coming out where the leg would be. You can press the toenails and it says phrases. Sadly, all John Cleese and Graham Chapman ones, where they insult people. There's one of Eric Idle, also insulting someone. I was just disappointed that it was mostly John and Graham.

I was reading The Pythons Autobiography By The Pythons, but I haven't read it in awhile. Blah blah blah... I can't wait for Spamalot!

Almost everyday I laugh at something because it reminds me of Python or Python had something to do with it, but sadly, no one else would get it. No one I know knows anything Python but Holy Grail, sometimes Life of Brian or Meaning of Life, and very rarely Flying Circus. The only person I know who I can share my Python knowledge with is my dad, because he likes them, but not as much as me.


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16th March 2005

yankee_gurl10:13am: marvelous!
greetings all- this commune is fantabulous! python, rock, and other strange things do tickle my fancy. oh, god, enough with the odd vocabulary. anyways, thanx for being so cool!
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13th March 2005

spinynrmn71:50am: For all Python Fans in or around NYC
(I hope someone hasn't already posted this but...) The Museum of Television and Radio will be presenting an Incomplete History of Monty Python from April till May. I know there's a MT&R in NYC and I believe there is one in LA but not sure about it. It's from the begining of April to the end of May! KICK ASS!
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13th February 2005

reader200210:42pm: This place needs a bit of life! So how about a fun game?


Let's try. What we can do is say a character, or a quote, and the next person can guess who plays that character or says the quote. Then in the same message, they'd say a new character or quote and so on and so forth.
Example. I'd say something like..

Who plays the man who speaks only in anagrams?

And somebody would reply: "Eric Idle" then do their own like "Who says, 'Oh don't be so sentimental mother, things blow up every day?' and the answer would be John Cleese. And so on.

I'm a dork, yes. But I'm a Monty Python dork. So here's the question:

Who owned a fish named Eric, a dog named Eric, a cat named Eric... and so on and so forth?
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11th February 2005

reader20024:32pm: A quiz, by yours truly. Made it last year, or two years ago... don't remember...


I'm a knight that says NI. What are you?
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21st January 2005

ned____________12:49pm: ok devious, don't move
hello there,
me new. me want to discuss python.
i have the honor and privilege to be the one and only italian monty python fan. at least around here.
nobody knows them in italy, except very few. some of those who have survived the 70s vaguely remember having seen a funny movie about knights and cocoanuts (very badly dubbed by the way). my father saw it too and became a fan (it must be hereditary). I remember him watching 'the meaning of life' when i was little.
'Monty Python's Life of Brian' was banned by the church *bloody church* when it came out and people could see it in teathers only in 1991 (!). The dubbing was a little better this time, at least.
'And now for something completely different' appeared on tape in the late 70s, and totally disappeared a few months later (the same happened with 'live at the hollywood bowl'). The holy grail (never re-dubbed of course, why taking the chance...) and the meaning of life (re-dubbed, and there was absolutely no need) are now out on dvd, but there's still no trace of the other two.
I can't show their movies to my friends, most don't understand english, so i have to watch them by myself. I'm alone in this.
*INTERMISSION: i've just bought the MP's Flying circus 14 DVD set. beautiful*
i don't know why this country had to mistreat the pythons so much. it's almost sadistic.
i'll subtitle the flying circus someday, and make it known at last.

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3rd January 2005

reader20021:18pm: I had a wonderful Christmas but I think the best thing that's happened in a while was on Sunday, when my aunt, cousin and I went to Costco and I finally bought the complete Monty Python's Flying Circus DVD set plus Monty Python Live for $99.00! Well, $104.99 with tax. But still :-D So I've been in Monty Python overdrive.

I've been wanting this for about a month now, and my cousin--five--asked what it was when we first saw it and I told her it was Monty Python. So she goes around now saying "Mikey Python! Mikey Python!" and now she's going "Burma" thanks to me, since Adriane and I always go Burma thanks to "How To Recognise Different Parts of the Body" ("Burma!" "Why did you say Burma?" "I panicked.").

And I've finally saw "Dennis Moore" again! I saw it once, about maybe two and a half years ago and I could never remember the name and I've been dying to see it again.

When my aunt and I were watching some last night, I kept going on about how genius the six are. I mean, to come up with something so... so... so... indescribable! Pure genius.

So anyway now I can learn even more obscure Monty Python lines, confuse cats *cough* I mean people even more now and dazzle those with my knowledge of the show!

Oh yes, for Christmas I got a pirate book and on the front is what Eric Idle had to say about it and as soon as I opened it, I said "Thank you." and mom started talking and I said, "SHHH! I'm trying to read what Eric Idle has to say about this book!" as if it were the most important thing in the world. When I talked to Adriane that night she said she got the same book and more or less the first thing after that was, "Did you see Eric Idle said stuff about it on the cover?!"

Mebbe I'm a little crazy. Maybe I need psychiatric help. Or maybe the Monty Python troup inserted a microchip in their shows that hypnotizes certain people into being obsessed over their show. I'm guessing it's the latter, it seems to most realistic. Wouldn't you agree?
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30th November 2004

reader20021:23pm: Sunday I saw all the MPFC seasons on DVD for round and about $100.00 (well, $99.99 if you wish to be technical!).

Hopefully 'santa' will get them for me ;-)
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notthesameguy5:41am: Favorite Python Movie
I'm sorry, but I think the best python movie of all time is Quest for the Holy Grail. I just don't see any of the other movies coming close. Am I wrong?

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29th November 2004

notthesameguy5:46am: And now for something completely different......
Man: Well, Well, I was told outside that...
Man: What?
M: Yes, but I came here for an argument!!
A: OH! Oh! I'm sorry! This is abuse!
M: Oh! Oh I see!
A: Aha! No, you want room 12A, next door.
M: Oh...Sorry...
A: Not at all!
A: (under his breath) stupid git.

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21st October 2004

icarus_ennobled12:48am: Hi. I'm new here. I'm in the US and I don't have cable so my british comedy experience is from Monty Python and back in the days when channel 13 used to play Red Dwarf on friday nights. But they haven't in a few years. I really miss Red Dwarf and AbFab. God, so much... Anyway, I just saw Shaun of the Dead; it was hilarious!!!! Oh god, I loved it. I watched it and then made my girlfriend and her bestfriend (who hate british comedy with all of their hearts and souls) go to see it with me 4 days later and they loved it too. I especially like the scene where Shaun and his bestfriend wee throwing the records at the zombies. Okay. I'm having a hankering for Monty Python and The Holy Grail. I'm going to go put it in the VCR. BTW: I was looking at the line up for PrideVision in Canada and they have AbFab and Red Dwarf, not to mention that they have a comparatively (compared to the US) uncencored gay channel in the first place. I am so jealous!!!!!!

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9th October 2004

silly_wanker7:43pm: W00t! ;)
I rented for the first time "The Meaning of Life" and "And Now for Something Different"!!! I haven't watched them yet, but what do you all think of these movies?!?!

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13th September 2004

reader20025:42pm: Nobody ever posts anything in here! :-( hmmmmmm I'll post something.

What's everybody's favourite skit? My favourite TV one is self-defense against people bearing fruit and from the movies..... either 'burn-the-witch', the God part, or the French guards....


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11th August 2004

questyning3:46pm: "Well, suppose we built this large wooden badger..."

hahahahaha...oh do I ever have a case of the sillies today!?!
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28th July 2004

reader20025:06pm: It is time for the penguin on top of the televion to explode...
Okay so there's not penguin but there is a stuffed mole with a lab jacket!

I grew up watching MP and other Britcoms (My faves are Monty Python's Flying Circus, Are You Being Served?, Are You Being Served, Again?/Grace and Favour, Last of the Summer Wine, and Mr. Bean). I'm American but who cares?

I used to like John Cleese but now Eric Idle is numbah one on my MP Actor list (though all the others are totally awesome).

My favourite skit is... I dunno what its called exactly but I call it Self-Defense Against Those Bearing Fruit.

"Come at me." "No." "WHy not?" "You'll shoot me." "I will not!" "Put the gun away." "What gun?" "The gun you shot him with!" "Oh that gun. Okay, now... how to defend yourself against someone with a banana... without a gun." "You were going to shoot me!"

I did that all by memory. Anyway, I need to see "Life of Brian"...

Okay yes I ramble. But I ramble about that which I love and I love Monty Python!!

And now, away!

*runs off, clacking coconuts*
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19th June 2004

ironion11:24pm: Hi. I'm new to this community, and a great, some would say diehard, fan of Monty Python. I was born in London, England, and lived there for the first three years of my life. During that time we lived next door to Terry Jones. And no I am not bullsh*tting. Unfortunately I was too young to remember him, but I have heard a lot of great anecdotes from my parents about him.

So yeah I love to talk about Monty Python, and quite a few other British Comedies, so I'll hopefully see y'all around.

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30th March 2004

yokie1:15am: Can you help me?
Hi Everyone! I'm new to this community but have loved Python for as long as I can remember :) I'm in a production of Godspell right now and I'm looking for a wmp-friendly version of the monk's march from MP: Holy Grail that we can use in it (we're trying to infuse as much multi-media as we can and that's one of the snippits we want). If anyone either has it and could send it to me (at maryellen.x.stafford@aexp.com) or knows where I can find it online I would really appreciate it!!


MaryEllen :)
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9th March 2004

YAYA!!!!! i am finally a part of this community!
now, i must warn you, i am a knight who says ickyickypTING and neeeWOOMP!
now GO AWAY, or i will taunt you a second time!!!
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