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ok devious, don't move

hello there,
me new. me want to discuss python.
i have the honor and privilege to be the one and only italian monty python fan. at least around here.
nobody knows them in italy, except very few. some of those who have survived the 70s vaguely remember having seen a funny movie about knights and cocoanuts (very badly dubbed by the way). my father saw it too and became a fan (it must be hereditary). I remember him watching 'the meaning of life' when i was little.
'Monty Python's Life of Brian' was banned by the church *bloody church* when it came out and people could see it in teathers only in 1991 (!). The dubbing was a little better this time, at least.
'And now for something completely different' appeared on tape in the late 70s, and totally disappeared a few months later (the same happened with 'live at the hollywood bowl'). The holy grail (never re-dubbed of course, why taking the chance...) and the meaning of life (re-dubbed, and there was absolutely no need) are now out on dvd, but there's still no trace of the other two.
I can't show their movies to my friends, most don't understand english, so i have to watch them by myself. I'm alone in this.
*INTERMISSION: i've just bought the MP's Flying circus 14 DVD set. beautiful*
i don't know why this country had to mistreat the pythons so much. it's almost sadistic.
i'll subtitle the flying circus someday, and make it known at last.
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