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It is time for the penguin on top of the televion to explode...

Okay so there's not penguin but there is a stuffed mole with a lab jacket!

I grew up watching MP and other Britcoms (My faves are Monty Python's Flying Circus, Are You Being Served?, Are You Being Served, Again?/Grace and Favour, Last of the Summer Wine, and Mr. Bean). I'm American but who cares?

I used to like John Cleese but now Eric Idle is numbah one on my MP Actor list (though all the others are totally awesome).

My favourite skit is... I dunno what its called exactly but I call it Self-Defense Against Those Bearing Fruit.

"Come at me." "No." "WHy not?" "You'll shoot me." "I will not!" "Put the gun away." "What gun?" "The gun you shot him with!" "Oh that gun. Okay, now... how to defend yourself against someone with a banana... without a gun." "You were going to shoot me!"

I did that all by memory. Anyway, I need to see "Life of Brian"...

Okay yes I ramble. But I ramble about that which I love and I love Monty Python!!

And now, away!

*runs off, clacking coconuts*
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